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Super League 2014

BULLS Super League Darts Eastern Europe 2014

We proudly can say, that the BULLS Super League Darts Eastern will continue in 2014. 12 players from the season 2013 will be playing.

Players who will enter the Super League 2014 are

Mensur Suljovic (AUT)
Zoran Lerchbacher (AUT)
Michael Rasztovits (AUT)
Rowby John Rodriguez (AUT)
Robert Marijanovic (CRO)
Nandor Bezzeg (HUN)
Boris Krcmar (CRO)
Csaba Nagy (HUN) 
Tonci Restovic (CRO)
Zsolt Meszaros (HUN)
Michal Kocik (CZ)
Osman Kijamet (SLO)

The Qualifier

The qualifier for the BULLS Super League Darts Eastern Europe will be played on Friday, 10th of January 2014. 

Players of the following countries can participate: 

Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Poland, Bulgaria and Rumania.

For registation fill out THIS form.
You have to be in the venue from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm personally, to make your registration clear.

Fee for the qualifier will be 20 €

We play best of 11 legs for 4 places in the SLD. 

The playing and clothing rules are the actual PDC Europe ones. 

The playing weekends

These are the dates when the Super League will be played: 

11th and 12th of January 2014
17th and 18th of May 2014
26th and 27th of July 2014
11th and 12th of October 2014
FINAL: 22nd of November 2014

On Saturday we start at 2 pm and on Sunday we start at 11 am.

Players that will be qualified for the PDC World Darts Championship before the Final of Super League will not participate in the final. If one of the first 8 players already has his place in the World Championship the 9th ranked player will be playing in the final too.

DC Eisenstadt
Industriestraße 13-15
7000 Eisenstadt

165 €, players who qualify have to pay 145 € due to their former qualifying fee of 20 €.

Prize money:

Everybody who participates in the BULLS Super League Darts Eastern Europe will gain several entry fees for the European Tour qualifier. After the last weekend of playing the number of qualifiers will be paid as followed (in 2015). The qualifier will be given to the players ranked after the last SLD weekend. The winner of the final gets the ticket for PDC World Darts Championship.

rank number of qualifiers paid for European Tour
1 8 European qualifier entries
2 European qualifier entries
3 European qualifier entries
4 European qualifier entries
5 European qualifier entries
6 European qualifier entries
7 European qualifier entries
8 European qualifier entries
9 European qualifier entries
10 European qualifier entries
11 European qualifier entries
12 European qualifier entries
13 European qualifier entries
14 European qualifier entries
15 European qualifier entries
16 European qualifier entries